Everybody has a desire to volunteer and help the people around them, no matter the size of this desire some people can't find where to start. This is the starting point for your  volunteering life.

How to start

Volunteering is rewarding and gives you somthing to do in your spare time. Whether its going to a big event or just going to a regular place to help out. Just select which type of volunteering you want to do and go to that page. There you will see a list of ways to volunteer and you will be able to start

Want to try joining a big project? Great! There are so many great projects that are comming soon. All you have to do is report and help. Some you might have to sign up for in advance. Some might even last all day. Just make sure you prepared and have everything your required to bring.

Want to volunteer reguarly? Well there are plenty of organizations that need volunteers like you to help them. Just click on the organizations tab to get a list of organizations. Check it out, and if you like it you can become a volunteer!

Go to the Create tab and select event. There you will be able to send in a project request and it will be approved or rejected within 4 days. You will get a notification and you will be told what to change if you need to. Advertising help can be found under the create tab.

Welcome to Harford Teen Volunteer! Here you can find places in Harford County that are accepting teen volunteers! Perfect for getting hours for school, or just doing it for fun. Either way Harford Teen Volunteer will help find the perfect organization for you!